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Beau Browning

Elections and Their Impact on Markets Thumbnail

Elections and Their Impact on Markets

2020 has been a wild ride, full of surprises, most of them bad. And as we’re less than two months out from what may be the most divisive presidential election in American history, it will probably get even wilder.

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Focus On What You Can Control Thumbnail

Focus On What You Can Control

Things have been scary in recent months. While it might be starting to settle down, there is still a lot of uncertainty. And one thing the market, to say nothing of investors, hates is uncertainty.

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Emotions and Financial Behaviors Thumbnail

Emotions and Financial Behaviors

We humans are not the most rational creatures when it comes to many areas of our lives and our finances are one of them. We make decisions based on emotions and that can be a dangerous thing, particularly when it comes to money and investing.

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