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Client Letter 2021 Thumbnail

Client Letter 2021

Dear Valued Clients,

2021 was another wonderful and quick year. We have continued using video conferencing as a form of communicating, as well as launching and utilizing new scheduling platforms for your convenience. We have also formed a new pod system within coreVISION to help better serve our clients. As we look forward to 2022, we wanted to reflect on what our employees have been up to with their families this year.


Beau and Mary welcomed their second child this year, Capri Allyn Browning, on April 9th. Michaela will turn 4 on December 2nd; she loves her weekly swim class and plans to start music lessons and gymnastics in the new year. Mary stepped into a new management role as her previous employer was acquired by a strategic partner. Beau was fortunate to have spent a little time in Colorado this year skiing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Andrea and Jason’s boys, Brody and Beckam, continue to stay busy with basketball and golf. Most recently, her family moved into her childhood home. They are excited to make memories in the exact home Andrea grew up in.

Jennie and Ryan continue to stay busy watching their daughters dance, cheer, do gymnastics, and run track. Their oldest, Emma, brought home a couple more national titles in dance over the summer while Sophie continues to love her gymnastics and hip-hop classes.


Brent and his family have had a blessed year. They watched their oldest son, Cooper, play basketball for the middle school. Camden and Kendall acted in the school play with Camden taking the lead role. Kendall went to St. Louis for a dance competition and had a wonderful time and did very well in the competition. His wife, Amanda, moved into a new position at Indiana University, which she is extremely excited about. Brent and Amanda were able to take the kids to Disney World for Spring Break and visit their niece and great niece; the kids absolutely loved it.

Brett has stayed busy with his children this year. Hudson graduated 5th grade, played on the middle school soccer team and Columbus Express soccer team. Marlee is a senior in high school and about to make her college choice. She also swam at the state swimming event for the third year in a row; it was the first time in school history a female swimmer had made it 3 consecutive years. The 200 free relay team advanced to state finals after winning sectionals. Keaton got his own apartment in Greenwood and now lives and works there. Brett spent some time vacationing this year, one of which was a family trip to Colorado to learn to ski. He also attended 7 concerts this summer.

Sandy and her family were able to get away to Chicago, Nashville, and Wisconsin to enjoy some relaxation and family time. Jake was promoted to a User Experience Strategist and is doing well. Shawn has almost completed his Physical Therapy program at the University of Dayton and will be moving back to Indiana after graduation in the spring of 2022. 2021 has been good to the Lefflers, and their family has remained healthy.


Jason, Jodi, Ella, and Claire have had a busy year! Ella and Claire began to play tennis this year and continue to be involved with gymnastics and basketball. Ella qualified for State in cross country and continues to set PR’s. Claire is starting to read and absolutely loves crafts! Jodi has found somewhere she can play tennis competitively, something she loves and hasn’t been able to do since high school. They are extremely thankful to be able to spend time as a family outdoors, hiking and being on the water.

Joe and his family took a vacation this summer to Anna Maria Island. Jackson and Camden have been involved in activities at the middle school this year while Marlee is continuing to enjoy doing dance at Style Dance Academy in Franklin. Ashley is continuing to have a wonderful year at Coulston Elementary and is really enjoying her class this year. Joe has been enjoying getting back to attending concerts and excited to go see more this coming year.

Audrey, Michael, and their 4 children had a quiet year. Carter has excelled in 5th grade and has continued playing baseball and basketball. Carlee has also blossomed in 2nd grade and has enjoyed starting ballet classes. Oaklyn and River turned three in October and are growing every day. They spent most of their summer and fall camping and enjoying the outdoors. Hopefully next year will be more exciting!


Brittany and Kevin continue to stay busy with their three boys. Cam is in 1st grade, played baseball and picked up golf this year. He participated in two gymnastics camps, a tennis camp, and a soccer camp! Jordan and Logan are in Pre-K and played soccer for the first time and really enjoyed it. They were able to enjoy 3 family vacations: one to the mountains and two to the beach. Brittany and Kevin got a pool this year, and they are excited to make lots of memories with friends and family for years to come.


We hope your families have had an amazing 2021, and we look forward to connecting with you all in 2022. Happy Holidays. We wish you all a safe and cheerful 2022.


coreVISION Financial Group