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Client Letter 2023 Thumbnail

Client Letter 2023


Dear Valued Clients,

As we close the book on 2023, we want to take time to reflect on the opportunities each year can bring.  Markets experienced dynamic swings marked by notable advancements in technology (A.I.), evolving geopolitical tensions, and concerns around inflation.  Yet in the face of all that, portfolios have recovered a good portion of the pain endured in the year prior. As we approach a new year, a balanced and diversified approach remains prudent for navigating both opportunity and risk in this ever-changing economic environment.

Thank you again for entrusting us to help you navigate your financial future, and we wish you more success in the year to come.  We couldn’t do what we do without the team we have, and we always relish the chance for them to share some personal family accomplishments with you as we look forward to what 2024 has to offer.


Beau and Family: Mary remains hard at work as VP of Sales for a startup software company called StarLifter.  Michaela Carol (6) began Kindergarten in August and is learning to read and write every day; she’s already mastered numbers just like her daddy.  We are proud of her growth, and she has become quite the big sister.  Capri Allyn (2.5) is full of personality, has no fear, and tells us all exactly what she wants.  She loves playing pretend with her dolls and following big sister everywhere.  Our hearts remain a little heavy this year as we remember Mary’s father, who unexpectedly passed recently.  He was a wonderful person who impacted our lives positively almost every day. 

Andrea has had a busy year! Beckam has continued to run cross country, play basketball, and plans to play soccer in the spring. Brody has played golf and ran cross country. Bo, the dog, went to a two-week training program to learn his manners. Jason and Andrea continue to try and get settled in their new home. 

This has been a busy year for Jennie and her family!  Emma has started her Sophomore year of high school and enjoys cheering Varsity for the Shelbyville Golden Bears, as well as running track.  Sophie is at Shelbyville Middle School now and made the 6th grade cheer team for the basketball season!  Ryan and Jennie continue to keep running the girls to and from all their activities.  When they have time, they love to do dinners with friends.


2023 has brought Brent’s family some firsts and some lasts.  Their oldest son is in his first year of high school along with being the first to get his permit to drive.  Their daughter entered her last year at St. Joe elementary school, which is their last child to go through St. Joe. Their kids have had great years academically and athletically.  The family went to the Bahamas for Fall break and had a great time. They have been blessed to have good health and great friends.

2023 was an amazing year for Brett and the Rice Family. Marlee is in her 2nd year at IU studying animal behavior; Hudson has joined a travel soccer team; and Keaton continues to get started in his adult life.  We took many amazing vacations this year including Utah, the Grand Canyon and trips to Florida. 

Sandy has had an exciting year.  Shawn and Bailey had their twin baby girls, Parker Jo and Evelyn Shay, in March.  She enjoyed traveling to several new places with friends and family, and this December, she celebrates her 40th anniversary as a member of the coreVISION Financial Group team.


Jason and his family continue to enjoy Ella and Claire growing in so many ways. The girls continue to make their parents so very proud with their accomplishments as they have settled into their sweet personalities. Ella is now a Cantor at Church along with sticking back tucks. Claire is working so hard at her back handspring and continues to learn piano. Jason and Jodi are doing their best to keep up!

Joe and Ashley continue to stay busy with their three children. Jackson, Camden and Marlee have continued to pursue their interest in swimming, wrestling, & dance this year. Ashley is in the midst of her 19th year of teaching kindergarten at Coulston Elementary. Joe and Ashley were able to enjoy their yearly trip to Tuscaloosa, AL this fall to watch the Crimson Tide play LSU.  The entire family has been enjoying attending concerts and sporting events throughout the year and are looking froward to an eventful 2024! 

Hannah and the Rieser family had another fun, busy and healthy year. Hannah coached the 4th/5th grade girls’ volleyball team at St. Joseph Elementary and won the city elementary tournament. Dustin is currently coaching the 4th/ 5th grade girls’ basketball team at St. Joe. Hannah is in the Shelby County Leadership Class of 2023- 2024 and will graduate in the spring. Their oldest, Stella (7) has started learning about and preparing for her First Communion, which will take place in April of 2024. Stella is playing on a travel basketball team. Jax (3) has entered the potty-training stage. Jax is not in school yet, but will start preschool in the fall, at St. Joe. The Riesers visited extended family, in Utah, during Fall break and will finish the year off on a vacation to Florida for Christmas. Many new memories and friends were made in 2023. The Riesers are grateful for another wonderful year and are excited to see what 2024 holds for them!


Brittany and Kevin continue to stay busy with their boys. Cam is in 3rd grade playing Shelby Shock Basketball, Shelby County Cubs Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball and Blue River Soccer. Jordan & Logan are in 1st grade and just started playing basketball at the Boys’ Club and love it! They also love soccer and are starting Shelby County Cubs in the spring. They enjoyed 3 trips this year, including their very first trip to Disney World (for all 5 of them) as well as South Haven and Miramar Beach. They are looking forward to a busy but exciting 2024 and are grateful for any free time they get with friends, family, Ollie and Sofie.


Grant transitioned into his new role as CCO at coreVISION and as part of that process his family moved to Batesville to be closer to the home office.  The year has been filled with transitions, new schools, and new activities for his family.  They did manage to briefly escape the maze of moving boxes to take a fall road trip through Upstate New York and New England.


We hope your families have had a wonderful 2023, and we look forward to connecting with you all in 2024. Happy Holidays. We wish you all a safe and joyful new year! 



coreVISION Financial Group